Terms & Conditions
The Operator hereby leases to the undersigned renter upon the terms and conditions herein set forth, the vehicle described above, hereinafter called “vehicle”.

Renter acknowledges and agrees that the vehicle is the property of Operater, that the vehicle is in good mechanical conditions, that the vehicle together with all tires and tools and accessories will be returned in the same conditions as when received to the place above specified, ordinary wear and tear excepted on the expiration date or sooner if demanded by Operator.

Renter agrees not to permit the use or to use, operate or drive vehicle for the transportation of persons or property for hire not to permit the use or to operate or drive vehicle in violation of the law, ordinance, rule of regulation governing the use, operation, or driving hereof; nor to remove vehicle from this island without the written consent of the operator; not to propel or tow any vehicle. Trader or other object nor to participate in any race, test or contest.

It is expressly agreed that Operator shall not be liable for any loss, damage cost or expense paid or incurred by the Renters occupants or their representatives because of injuries or damage sustained by occupants ot the vehicle.

Renter expressly agrees to pay Operator on demand all time service minimum or other charges applicable to the said vehicle during this rental at the rates or in the amounts specified herein and in addition a sum equal to the cost off all damage to the said vehicle during this rental period.

It is expressly agreed Renter is not agent, servant, or employee of Operator on any manner whatsoever.

It is expressly agreed that Operator shall not be liable for loss or damage of any propery left or stored by Renter or any other person in or upon vehicle.

Operator harmless from and indemnifies Operator against any such claims.

It is expressly understood that any driver not being Renter, is wholly and severally responsible towards Operator for any amounts due Operator as per this contract or resulting from it.

If car is left unlocked, Renter is fully responsible for all damages.

It is expressly agreed and understood that Renter shall not permit the vehicle to be used or drive by any other person. The vehicle shall not be operated by any perosn except the Renter without Operator’s prior written consent.

Renter must know how to operate the vehicle rented.

If vehicle is found driven by anyone else but undersigned vehicle will be confiscated without any refund.

Renter will be charged for any period of time which exceeds designated rental time.

Any violation of the conditions mentioned herein will automatically cancel the rental of the vehicle without refund of money to renter.

Frequently happens that Renters, who rent cars, drive through areas where they would normally never go with their own car. Consequently insurance companies will not cover Operator or renter for damage done to vehicle, such as gearbox, oilpans, etc. Therefore all damages done to our car resulting from driving on bad roads will be for the accont of the renter.

It is expressly understood and agreed that the Renter will be insured against liability for bodily injury and/or property damage caused by Renter to a third party in accordance with an Automobile Liability Insurance Policy customary in Curacao up to the minimum as stated by the law of The Curacao. Upon request of the renter, can obtain an All Risks coverage for damanges to the rented vehicle. The Third Party Liability or All Risks insurance does not cover any damages sustained by the Renter or the occupants personally. The premiums for said Insurance are mentioned above.
It is expressly understood and agreed that a deductible of USS400,- will be applicable at all times, be it for a Third Party Liability Insurance, be it for and All Risk Insuranace. If and when the Renter is not at fault and the Operator has recovered the deductible from the party at fault, the deductible will be refunded to the Renter.

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